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You can give DIRECTLY to our endowment at North Carolina A&T by texting "CollinsBrothers" to 41444!

Supporting Our Universities Matters

With a wealth of great minds and talents spread across our nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCUs), it's important for us to ensure resources are not scarce. Endowments essentially serve as an institution's savings account and at HBCUs, they pale in comparison to other institutions. Endowments are important because they:

  • Allow us to give scholarships to students in need.

  • Ensure University stability.

  • Help leverage other revenue like student aid and inconsistent government grants.

  • Encourage independent research and innovation.

  • Provide longstanding financial support.

Let's help build endowments at our HBCUs!

Give to the CNOTE Foundation and your donation will go directly towards our endowments at North Carolina A&T and NCCU!

Take a look at how we have given a voice to local artists and pushed to bring the community together through unique fundraising events.

We are on a mission to increase endowment funding at all HBCUs.  Find out more about what our foundation can bring to the community!

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